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Unpainted Marshmallow Shooters
The Unpainted Marshmallow Shooter is the same as the painted except they are not custom painted and have some factory writing on the pipe. We keep the writing on the bottom of the shooters when putting them together. These unpainted shooters are just loads of FUN at birthday parties!
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MG1000 ----- $5.95
MG1000 ----- $5.95
Unpainted 12 inch
Exstension Barrel
BU20 --- $1.50
BU20 --- $1.50
Craft Kit -- $5.50
Craft Kit -- $5.50
This Do It Your Self Marshmallow Craft Kit contains all the pieces to make a marshmallow shooter including instructions and marshmallows.
Marshmallow Shooters only 5.00
small starter bag of
Marshmallow Ammo
shipped with every Marshmallow Shooter
This Item makes the
Marshmallow Shooter
longer and shoot further

$1.99/Mo. for 3 month of Economy Hosting at GoDaddy.com
Large 10 oz. bag
of Ammo
Miniature Marshmallows
(over 400  marshmallows)

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We Accept all Major Credit Cards
Black 12 inch
Exstension Barrel
BB10 -- $2.00
BB10 -- $2.00
The Gifts they will
Never Forget
Marshmallow Shooters only 5.00