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Marshmallow Shooter Information
The Marshmallow Shooter is amazing and is one of the hottest and fastest selling novelties around. You can launch a miniature marshmallow about 40 feet just by blowing into it. A marshmallow is placed into the shooter and is blown through the tubing creating a pressure that can launch the marshmallow up to 40 feet.

Kids of all ages (young, old and kids at heart) are just having so much Fun with The Marshmallow Shooter. They are so much fun at parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, or any other time or place.
The laughter never ends. It's the Ultimate gift.

You can have so much Fun with the Marshmallow Shooter because marshmallows don't hurt and ammo is cheap and can be found at the local grocery store. Also marshmallows are bio-degradable and eatable.

Our hand crafted custom painted Marshmallow Shooters are approx. 18 inchs long and made of Heavy Duty PVC, this allows the Marshmallow Shooter to shoot further and with more accuracy than most.
We use a lead free paint for our painted shooters.

A Miniature Marshmallow is placed into the top mouth piece and blown sharply. Mini Marshmallows are about the only thing that will work properly as ammo.              
(Fresh Mini Marshmallows are best)

                                            Recommended for ages 5 and up to ??????

                  Guaranteed Hours of Fun
                                          The Marshmallow Shooter
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