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Rotating Flag Pole
The Unique Rotating Flag Pole

Changes direction as the wind does. This unique design allows you to place a Flag anywhere with ease in your yard, while camping or any place.

Comes with a 3 x 5 foot Poly-Cotton American Flag
Stands about 10 feet tall
It is designed to work with any 3 x 5 foot Flag
Easy to assemble

The only tools needed is a rubber mallet or hammer.
The Backyard Fun that Never Ends
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Heavy Duty Rotating Flag Pole w/ American Flag
Heavy Duty
Rotating Flag Pole
American Flag
Now Only
Item# FLP200
Flag Pole Only
With Out Flag
Item# P200
This is our heavy duty rotating flag pole. It is made with a heavy gauge of PVC and it also uses a steel pole that is placed into the ground about one foot or so. The Rotating Flag Pole stands about 10 feet high.
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