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Step One:
Dampen hair with a spray bottle of water or something to keep hair very damp.

Step Two:
Part the hair across top of the head from ear to ear. Now part the hair one inch above the ear from the existing part line towards the face. Repeat on the other side.

Step Three:
Twist and place the hair in front of the face into a clippie, place on top out of the way.

Step Four:
Place the front of the Halo on the part line, starting on the left side take about one inch of hair that is in front of the ear and twist this braid of hair about three times (to keep hair together). Now loop this braid over and then under the Halo, once.

Step Five:
Now add this braid to another inch of hair that may be on or behind the ear, then twist as before and loop over and then under the Halo. Continue this until you are left with one inch of hair, and the hair that is in the clippie.

Step Six:
Release the clipped hair and continue with braiding as before, until you are left with the last inch of hair, loop over the Halo and bobby clip as close to the Halo as possible. Now tuck the remaining hair under the Halo, hiding the loose ends. You can now lightly spray with hair spray.

Hair must be at least shoulder length to braid the Halo.
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The New Hair Braiding Style
Hair Braiding Instructions
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