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The Ladder Golf Game
Also known as
Hillbilly Golf
This new outside yard game is becoming a hit around the country at every yard party, picnic, campground, the beach or outside gathering.
The game that is going to replace the old washer game. Its also know as Hillbilly Golf.

Ladder Golf is Fun and easy to play. You toss the Bola Balls and try to get them to stay on the bars being the first to score 21. Ladder Golf can be individually played with 2, 3 or more players. All that is needed is different colored Bola Balls, also multiple teams can play.

The Ladder Golf Game set is constructed of heavy duty PVC piping for sturdiness and the Bola Balls are real golf balls on a rope. It stands about 3 feet high and the Ladder Golf racks can be easily assembled and taken apart into 7 large pieces for storage. The game set also comes with a heavy duty carrying bag.
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             Set Includes
     1 -  Ladder Golf Carrying Bag
     2 -  Ladder Golf Racks
     3 -  Yellow Bola Balls
     3 -  White Bola Balls
          Instructions Included
Now Only
Extra Ladder Golf Items
White Balls
Yellow Balls
Orange Balls
Pink Balls
Item# BG200
The Ladder Golf Game
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Pink Balls
Orange Balls
White Balls
White Balls
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Ladder Golf Game
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